Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Post!...I know right!

Seeing as nothing has been written in a while, I found it to be the perfect opportunity to talk about what has been on everyones mind..How good is Justin Beiber? haha just kidding... but considering its March almost everyone has been filling out brackets right now, including this kid. This years tourney has been pretty predictable with UConn pretty much dominating the pack and freshman sensation Brittany Griner surprising most the nation by beating Tennessee.....wait I am getting a call.......wait what? Green House Nation doesn't care about Women's basketball?!?!?!?!..Thank goodness!!

Sooooo lets get back to the good stuff! With most people making their brackets picking Kansas as their Natl. Champ, the reaction after UNI beat them was comparable to this. During this win, Ali "Mohammed" Farokhmanesh showed that even though he looks like his a freshman in high school, he's actually has gone through puberty. Also, Lucas O'Rear showed that he indeed had the luck of the irish. Considering this was a team from Iowa doing well most people jumped on the UNI bandwagon..I mean I don't blame most Iowans considering ISU is ISU and never reaches their potential because people like this guy leave...and then you have Iowa where you have people like this when UNI started doing well the natural response was to cling on to for the ride...Heck even this kid started to like basketball because of UNI. But all good things sometimes come to an end and this is what happened when they faced a more ethnic and athletic Michigan State. When they got on the court, the diversity and athleticism that came with it was too much for the corn fed guys from Cedar Falls. When people reflect back on this tournament they will realize two main things about UNI:

1) Koch is pronouced Cook

2) When you don't know how to pronounce Farokhmanesh, Don't try and and pronounce over and over again because if you don't know it the first time, you sure as hell won't be able to the 10th time.

In other news, I have decided to have an incentive for those reading the blog, so I have decided to make a "JV all star" award each week so all you seniors who are doing sports that you don't really care about..check the page because you might be the all-star of the week! Also if you have any good blog idea or videos you want to share feel free to put them on the fan page and we will hit you up with a shoutout on the next post, which will be happening more frequently!

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